"Where will you go?"

Dillon Guyer

Owner/ Operator 

An eccentric go getter, Dillon started Guyer Travel in March of 2012 with one goal in mind : "Travel the world, while taking care of my friends in family". 8 Years later, thousands of trips booked, and hundreds personally traveled on, Dillon has brought a positive presence to the Rochester and surrounding communities. Through generous gifts, city wide events, and community service, this hands on effort is not diluted with superficial values and egotistical tendencies. 

"Owning the business gives me the freedom to do what I want, and spoil whomever I want. Thats a superpower that not many people can manage to take away from me.."

Bela Tavares

Lead Agent

Bela, a quirky yet professional charm in the agency. Having met Dillon the owner, on a cruise themselves, their travel connections were bright and strong from the beginning. Starting in the mid of 2021, Bela accompanied by husband Matthew, will be able to take care of all your travel needs. Specializing in Portugal, Puerto Rico, Domestic Travel, Cruises, and more, they are ready to make your dream trip special. 

Matthew Keler

Partner Agent

Working directly with Bela, this dynamic duo is ready to give you twice the amount of service, twice the fun, but at the same low rates! 

Anna Sargent

Travel Intern 

As Anna continues along her journey as Miss NH State Parks, and her college education, she aspires to be. travel advisor in the future, to partner with her career in healthcare. 

Her family, and as she's grown personal travels give her a taste of realism, advisors twice her age have yet to experience. Annas desire to learn, and succeed brings a strength to this agency as a whole.